High-Caliber Kitchen Benchtops

How do you want your kitchen to look in the eyes of visitors? What type of stone do you envision? Let the Linkstone team show you how granite, marble, or any other well-known stones can completely transform and elevate your home to the next level. We want to let your kitchen benchtop tell a story of who you are. Through expert craftsmanship, we’ll add a new dynamic to your kitchen that screams elegance and refinement.

Pristine Vanity Benchtops

Nothing expresses your personality quite like a customized vanity benchtop. It’s always the details that count and our family team of dedicated stonemasons are here to treat you like royalty. What started in Portugal has crossed the Atlantic Ocean just to bring you a level of skill cultivated and learned from true stonemason experts. Experience the Linkstone difference and elevate your vanity Benchtops today.

Timelessness. Elegance. Perfection.

It’s more than having a commitment to quality
materials. Our clients love what we do because of our dedication to your satisfaction. Through a 100% hands-on approach, our goal is to always showcase the stonemasons perspective. It’s one where the tiniest of details become visible. It’s a perspective that highlights the beauty of the minute and infinitesimal. Through a superior finish, we’ll make your stone project stand as a shining example of what perfection really looks like.


Learn More About Our Residential Services

Thankfully, we’ve been doing this since 1997. When 2 brothers from Portugal began using their stonemason skills in the Australia, it wasn’t long before it became a generational effort. Those same two brothers and two sons have been helping residential clients for over 20 years with no end in sight.

Supplying and installing stone

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Supplying and installing tile

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Membrane and screeding

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Self-leveling concrete and paving

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Exceeding Expectations

How can we help create a one of a kind environment that you’ll cherish forever? It starts by telling us what you expect. Give our expert stonemasons a chance to go above and beyond by listening to what you want and delivering nothing short of excellence.

Schedule Your No-Obligation Visit From An Expert Stone Mason

It all starts right here. Are you ready to get the ball rolling? You’ve made it this far. Take things to the next level with a no-obligation consultation to get a look at how and where everything will come together.